Distilling Craft Consulting is a full-service distillery consulting firm. Our goal is to build world-class craft distilleries in the most economical, innovative way we can, enabling our clients to achieve their dreams of owning a successful distillery. And since 2013, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Our team of distillery consultants have a passion for distilling, keen design acumen, and innovative problem-solving skills. With our technical expertise and hands-on experience, we’ve helped over 30 distilleries in 13 different states create profit-generating, efficient businesses.


Devin is a distillery engineer, lead distillery consultant at Distillery Craft Consulting, host of Distilling Craft Podcast, and the brains behind this whole operation. A Licensed Professional Engineer with an MBA from the University of Colorado, Devin found his calling as a distillery engineer early in his life when he began making Apple Brandy as a hobby. Now, Devin is a sought-after distillery consultant who helps others attain their dreams of owning a successful craft distillery.

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While living in Colorado, Devin became interested in starting an apple orchard similar to the ones he knew growing up. During the research phase, Devin found other uses for apples such as cider and mead, but fell in love with the process of making Apple Brandy. While working on his MBA, Devin started his own distillery as part of a final project and his dissertation. Devin managed to generate an astounding half a million dollars and win several pitch competitions for his distillery. After running a successful distillery for a few years, Devin realized he had more to offer the industry. Devin currently is the host of Distilling Craft Podcast, a podcast dedicated to distilling spirits, and a distillery consultant, helping others attain their dreams of owning their own distilleries.

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devin mills distillery consultant
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If you’re interested in starting a distillery, are looking for ways to perfect your spirits, need guidance in growing your current operation, or just want to learn about craft distilling, have a seat and grab a drink—The Distilling Craft Podcast is what you need in your life. We talk about new, innovative solutions to age-old distilling problems and interview industry experts and master distillers to get their take on the craft of craft distilling. Join us for another season of Distilling Craft Podcast.

Ferment You

In this episode, we review what to look for in a fermenter and how to tie that back to the spirit you want to make. The interview is with Dr. Diego Benitez from Progress Brewing in El Monte, CA, who will talk about fermenter science and their interesting selection of...

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Give Me Some Sugar

In episode 21 of Distilling Craft, we talk about sugar fermentations to wrap up the fermentation series we started last season, and we bring in Greg Eidam from Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, TN to talk about making sugar shine and how the rest of their...

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Let’s transform your dream of owning a thriving distillery into a reality. Our distillery engineers can steer you clear of pitfalls, uncover system inefficiencies or flaws, and help you increase profits.